Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Autumn Lomas

This 2017 senior is busy with lots of activities this year! She began with cross country, and has stepped up to be a significant part of Summerville’s upcoming musical Grease. With her spunky, artistic, unique personality, she has took the ground running and is flying proud through her senior year--she loves it!

My wife and I met Autumn for her photo shoot just as the sun was rising a couple weekends ago. It was a crisp pre-autumn morning, perfect for Autumn herself. We waded through cool water, navigated wild branches, climbed up knotted trees, and had Autumn perform simple yoga-like maneuvers to gain the perfect shots.

What was especially incredible was Autumn’s special prop--an authentic Samurai sword she discovered out in the forest a few years back. We incorporated this into her first and her last shots, and it truly helped illuminate her incredibly unique, sophisticated personality.

A gal of many talents, Autumn is also an incredible artist and student, and thus, near the end of her session, we were able to fuse together these two talented passions, with academic books as props against an edgy graffiti backdrops.

Autumn has a passion for a life and a love for others that she cares with passion, spunk, and a little good-hearted sass. All of this shines forth in her portraits, as you will see.

Thank you Autumn, for allowing us to enjoy such a special day with us! We hope that all enjoy your portraits just as much as we do!

Meet Autumn!!


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